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“That feeling of pure euphoria when you're on or around the saltwater”

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Whether it's planning for a big trip or vacation on the water, or prepping for an offshore fishing adventure, it all requires a lot of preparation.


Our goal: To give the tactical knowledge and the confidence to be ready for anything, whether it's offshore or on your next trip South. Sharing every experience, tip, or trick we learn along the way, to make sure your saltwater experiences are nothing but pure bliss. 

Saltwater- of or found in saltwater; living in the sea.


Euphoria - a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness


Saltwater Euphoria- the feeling of intense happiness and bliss when on or near the ocean waters.



Great Information!

 Ricky is a wealth of knowledge on wahoo fishing with proven results world wide. The course is easy to follow and filled with great knowledge and tips for the beginner and expert alike.

- Nick B

Important Information

Very important fundamental information in this course, perfect for those newer to the game looking to add valuable information from a proven captain to their spread.
Catch ‘em up,
-Tom M

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