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Episode 01

There is plenty of information jam-packed in this episode for anyone with an interest in the offshore fishing scene in Curacao as well as lots of pieces of information on building your own boat or even just some tips on doing your own boat repairs.
Chris Van Grieken is an extremely talented fisherman and an even more impressive boat builder, and on this podcast, we discuss his process from start to finish of how he personally built the boat of his dreams, Job-Site.
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Episode 02


Episode 04


Episode 03

In our 3rd Episode of the Saltwater Euphoria Podcast, Captain Ricky Wheeler talks with the Owner of Monsta Tarpon, Jonathan De La Rosa. Monsta Tarpon is a charter program that focuses on getting guests into what is most likely the best tarpon fishery on the planet.
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Located in Trinidad, Monsta Tarpon catches and releases well over 2000 tarpon a year, and we also discuss some of the nearby bluewater fishing of Tobago and Grenada.
To see more or to book a tarpon charter of a lifetime with Monsta Tarpon, go to or shoot them a message on Instagram @MonstaTarpon and be sure to give them a follow.

Episode 04

Episode 4 is full of some awesome fishing stories and the progression of the sportfishing industry and sportfishing itself. With well over 4 decades of being fully immersed in the profession, Captain Jojo Joachimowski goes from talking about the days of A Loran, paper chart sounders, and small charter boats up to the highly competitive world of sportfishing we live in today. There is a wealth of information packed in this episode for anyone with an interest in sportfishing. Follow JoJo on Instagram at 


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Sit down with the Owner and Operator of Far Out Fishing Charters out of Key West, Chris Mendola in Episode 5. Hear about what to expect throughout the year fishing in the infamous location of Key West, FL, and the spearfishing scene there. Of course, it's only natural that the conversation draws out plenty of great stories from commercial fishing in Key West, growing a successful charter business, and some awesome spearfishing experiences in remote locations.
To get out fishing in Key West, Florida with Chris Mendola and Far Out Fishing Charters, go to his website
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Episode 05

Episode 06

In Episode 6 of the Saltwater Euphoria Podcast, our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, talks with Nick Bovell about marlin fishing for BIG MARLIN. Lots of great stories here as Nick has spent his career so far as a mate traveling to some of the best big fish locations and fishing with many of the best Captains out there. 
From fishing Cape Verde Islands aboard the Big Oh setting Blue Marlin release records and killing a grander Blue Marlin, to being a mate on the Great Barrier Reef for Big Black Marlin where he also was part of killing a grander Black there, to continuously being on the leaderboard in the Gulf mating for Captain Jason Buck the last few seasons... Nick talks about it all and also some great advice and tips in this episode for those who are interested in properly taking a big fish to the scales.
You can follow Nick Bovell on Instagram @LeftTeaser
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In Episode 2, Captain Ricky Wheeler sits down over a call with Matt Upton during a lay day from fishing in Cat Island, Bahamas. Matt Upton is the owner of ROFFS, which is one of if not the absolute best Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll Water Chart analyses geared towards fishing out there. We sit down and discuss how ROFFS came to be, how they analyze their data, and how you as a fisherman can benefit from this excellent service.
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For a Buy One Get One Free Analysis, call Roffs (321-723-5759)  and mention Saltwater Euphoria Podcast, and ROFFS will hook you up.
In Episode 7 of the Saltwater Euphoria Podcast, Captain Ricky Wheeler recaps the White Marlin Open and the Mid Atlantic Tournament and what happened throughout each of them with his mates Eric Carr and Chris Van Grieken. Ricky also gets on the phone with the Mid Atlantic Tournament Marlin Winners:
Steve, the Captain of Kaarma won with a 75-pound White Marlin.
Joe Trainor, the Captain of Low Profile who won with a 657-pound Blue Marlin. Austin, the Captain of Max Bet who won overall billfish points.

Congratulations to all of those who took home some prize money in the 2022 White Marlin Open and Mid Atlantic Tournament.
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Episode 07

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