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A good fishing season requires a whole lot of preparation and a little bit of luck.  We want to take the stress out of being prepared and help you be confident you’re ready for an offshore fishing season to remember.

Captain Ricky is only accepting 5 clients for this 1:1 Consulting Service this coming 2024 NJ Fishing Season, be sure to apply today! 



Building a boat with a Boat Builder, going through a massive retrofit by adding a mezzanine to your sportfishing boat, or even doing a full gut and rebuild of a boat can be a daunting task. Captain Ricky Wheeler has a lot of experience both personally doing such tasks as well as helping others through 1:1 Consulting to help manage these kinds of projects.

Ricky truly enjoys helping the owner make sure everything is thought of before it is done to ensure they get themselves the b best possible finished product that will check all of the boxes needed for you!


Captain Ricky Wheeler has lived for saltwater fishing since he was a kid. As a Captain, he has set 11 IGFA Line Class Records and 5 IGFA All Tackle Length Records. He also has plenty of tournament wins and placements to his credit as both a Captain and Mate and continues to be highly competitive year in and year out.

His passion and high level of enthusiasm for Sportfishing shine through on every trip which makes him an absolute pleasure to fish with. He loves to teach and help people get on the fish of a lifetime every opportunity he gets. Fishing is all about having fun on the water, and Captain Ricky Wheeler wants to be sure everyone is having as much fun as him on every trip. He is well immersed in the sport of fishing not only running fishing trips but also teaching Saltwater Euphoria Courses, and writing articles for well-known fishing magazines.

What & Why 

​ In the Spring of 2020,  Ricky had the opportunity to help a handful of boats get ready for the summer season, from prepping their boats to teaching them the ins and outs of their tackle.  Unfortunately, once word spread there were a few other dozen boats he couldn’t get to because his charter season was back in full swing after travel restrictions lifted.

When you're offshore nearly as much as you are on land the problem comes down to time... 

He said "my phone is usually ringing off the hook. These calls are a mix of charter clients ready to book, with a ton of nonstop inquiries and people asking advice on how they should be getting their boats optimized for fishing, what tackle they should be using, where they should be fishing, and when, as well as other important questions.More often then not he found himself having to give them the readers digest version of this important information because he did not have the time to go over all the details at the time of their call.

Do you want to take your fishing to the next level? Look no further, Captain Ricky Wheeler is taking 5 clients under his wing for FULL SERVICE consulting. Inquire Below ⬇️


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