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Captain Ricky Wheeler's 5 Favorite Blue Marlin Teasers

written by Captain Ricky Wheeler

The absolute top tier fish of Sportfishing for most is the Blue Marlin. Their explosive and aggressive bites paired with the amazing opportunity to effectively bait and switch these amazingly powerful fish makes them many sportfishermen's favorite fish to target and catch. Blue Marlin fishing with teasers and switching them to a bait rigged with a circle hook is by far the most popular and FUN method used to target Blue Marlin.

With that, I wanted to share my 5 favorite teasers for blue marlin fishing that have worked for me time and time again in every location I have targeted blue marlin.

Please Note: These descriptions may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, this channel may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you. We appreciate your support as it helps us continue our business.

The Black Bart Breakfast is my all time favorite Blue Marlin Teaser as it has produced everywhere I have ever fished in the world. Large and small Blue Marlin come to this lure as well as other species. It throws quite a ruckus and overall pulls well in most sea conditions making it an easy and effective teaser for most to pull in their marlin spread. As far as colors, I prefer anything that closely mimics a small tuna or bonita as that is what this lure is meant to look like.

I have always been a fan of Moldcraft Lures because of their durability and their fish racing effectiveness. The Super Chugger is a versatile lure that creates an impressive smoke trail that blue marlin just seem they cannot resist. I like to add a few extra inner skirts to mine when I use them as a teaser or I add a mud flap to give the Super Chugger that bonita-like profile.

This is many marlin fishermen's favorite lure to put out in the spread due to its versatility. Named the Wide Range because it can be trolled at a wide range of speeds and also sea conditions. It is a great lure in nearly any position in your spread and teases very easily. It does the job well by itself, but is also a popular lure to pull behind a squid chain teaser as the chaser bait.

I use this lure quite often as a teaser behind my squid chain teasers for blue marlin fishing, BUT it also works well as a teaser all by itself. I always rig an Ilander Express over a rigged Mackerel, mullet or large ballyhoo or flying fish. It pulls straight and creates an excellent smoke trail from its consistent popping motion.

The Squid Chain Teaser is an excellent teaser for a wide array of pelagic fish and throws a large profile that can look like a lot of baitfish trying to flee the scene. While they are effective teasers alone, they are FAR more effective for billfish and especially Blue Marlin when they have a "chaser bait" added to the back of them. My favorite is the Ilander Express which has been mentioned in my Top 5 here as well as the Mold Craft Wide Range and also the Wide Range Super Chugger all work as well as a chaser bait behind a squid chain. The combination is a deadly one for raising and bait and switching blue marlin!

Honorable Mention - Black Bart Super Plunger

I had to throw in an honorable mention for this lure as it has accounted for bites from a lot of fish. With it's side to side motion and wiggle it works hard to pull blue marlin into your spread.


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