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written by Ricky Wheeler

Why Grenada?

Grenada is by far one of the best places to fish in the Southern Caribbean, and can rival almost anywhere in the world! With so much to offer both on the water and on the island, it makes for a must-visit location whether it is a fishing trip with the guys, with the family, or with your significant other. It is hard to beat the breathtaking beauty of this island with its coastline littered with beautiful beaches, the mountainous rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls, and some great restaurant, hotel, and villa options.

The Fishing

As far as the fishing...Prime time for fishing in Grenada is November through May, but you have an opportunity to catch fish throughout the year in Grenada. Grenada's blue waters holds fantastic numbers of Sailfish with days of double-digit bites a real possibility on Full Day Trips, as well as big Yellowfin Tuna ranging from 80-200+ pounds on any given day, and there is always a great chance at a Blue Marlin or two. White Marlin can be in the mix as well as Mahi Mahi (aka Dolphin or Dorado). The Wahoo fishing can be absolutely incredible when targeted, but they typically are in a different area than all of the other species mentioned!

To BOOK a Fishing Trip in Grenada and for more info CLICK HERE

Getting to Grenada​ When you fly to Grenada, you will be flying into Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND). You will be landing in the Southwestern Corner of the island known as Point Salines. The southwestern part of Grenada is where most of the 'action' is. The rainforest takes up most of the center of the island with beautiful beaches scattered all around the island's coastline. Most of the hotels and rentals are all within 20 minutes of the airport. Taxis are readily available for you when you land at the airport, and there are plenty of them throughout the island making transportation effortless.

Getting Around


Taxis in Grenada are very reliable. Most taxi drivers hustle, so get their cards if you like a certain one you ride with during your stay and you can schedule them for whenever you need a ride somewhere via WhatsApp. The hotels are great at getting you a taxi lined up as well.

Rental Cars

For most visitors coming to Grenada, you have to remember that in Grenada they drive on the left side of the road (opposite of the United States and many other countries) and the traffic can be rather tricky compared to what most people are used to. If you feel you have no problem handling this and want to see the island of Grenada on your own accord, a rental car may be a good idea.

Rental car rates are typically between 60-100 USD per day. In order to rent a car in Grenada, you must first secure a Grenadian driving permit, which you can get by going to the police station and showing them your current driver's license. The police station is located on The Carenage which is in St Georges. The cost for your Grenadian driving permit is $60 EC ($25USD). Some rental companies can provide drivers with a local permit as part of their service, so be sure to check into this before making the trip to the police station.

Public Transportation

Public Transit around the Southwestern part of Grenada is actually very good. The bus system runs regularly and there are many of them. By bus, we mean passenger vans. It's a great way to get a feel for the local vibe as the people of Grenada are very friendly. Each bus has zone stickers that are placed in the front window of each bus. Every bus has a manager at the door. The manager manages the passengers and their fares leaving the driver to focus on driving only. If you have any questions, ask the manager. The buses run from 6am until 9pm from Monday-Saturday, so be aware that if you plan to go out on the town and have drinks past 9pm, you will need a taxi to get back to your "home location" while you're in Grenada. The bus fares usually range from $3-8EC.

Places to Stay

While there are some great hotels and boutique resorts in Grenada, there are also some phenomenal villas available on AirBnB and VRBO as well.

location: Grand Anse Beach $$$

Located on the infamous 2.5 mile stretch of beach called Grand Anse Beach, you can be sure to enjoy the island life while staying at Coyoba. Just 10-15 minutes from the airport makes it easy to settle in after your flight. With so much to offer on-site and due to its location on Grand Anse, you will be sure to enjoy the island of Grenada while staying at Coyoba. Rates run from $250-800 USD / night.

location: Morne Rouge Beach $

Located on the generally quiet and beautiful Morne Rouge Beach (my personal favorite beach on the island), only 10 minutes from Port Louis Marina and 10-15 minutes from the airport. Kalinago is a family run 29 room boutique resort that is affordable and in a perfect paradise setting.

location: Morne Rouge $$$

A beautiful and secluded resort with everything you need on-site. Focused more on the personal level, this is more of a romantic hideaway, but if you are looking for first-class in every aspect, this exclusive boutique resort can offer just that. Rates at Laluna range from $250-600+ USD / night.

location: Petite Calivigny Bay $$

This small beachfront villa resort attracts travelers who like to get off the beaten track and experience something truly special. Guests are quickly made to feel at home in this village-style atmosphere, which is just one reason why they are considered one of the most special properties in Grenada. The rustic villas are spread out within their award-winning tropical gardens, where hummingbirds are in abundance and the stars light up the Caribbean sky each night. Rates range from $190-400 USD / night.

location: Grand Anse Beach $$

One of the best options if you're on a budget due to its prime location on Grand Anse Beach, 5 minutes from Port Louis Marina, and only 15-20 minutes from the airport, at the Radisson you can get everything you need for your stay in Grenada from great meals on-site to amazing sunsets. Radisson's rates range from $150-350 USD / night.

location: Pink Gin Beach $$

This all-inclusive option is tough to beat. Sandals tends to live up to its name in every location offering incredible views, great rooms, and everything you need on-site to make your vacation enjoyable and easy. With Sandals, you know what you're getting, and Sandals Grenada is no exception.

location: Grand Anse Beach $$$$$

A beautiful high-end resort, Silversands offers a five-star experience with great restaurants on site. A unique resort that is modern with great service. Rates vary starting at $1000+USD / night.

location: Grand Anse Beach $$$$$

This is an all-inclusive option with plenty of amenities on-site offering everything you need to enjoy your time in Grenada. A luxurious boutique resort, Spice Island Beach Resort has everything you need in the pristine location of Grand Anse Beach. There are quite a few different suite options with rates ranging from $1200-3000 USD / night.

location: True Blue $$

A beautiful boutique resort, True Blue Bay Resort offers 49 rooms. A unique resort that has an on-site restaurant, yoga studio, spa, dive center, pools and much more. Quite a few different room options and rates varying for each starting at $150USD / night.

What to Do in Grenada

Grenada is a diverse island in the fact that it has so much to offer. Offering breathtaking landscape throughout the entire island, it is peppered throughout its coast with beautiful beaches and shear rock coastlines in between. In the center of the island is the rainforest which has a lot of opportunities for adventure tours along with tours of rum distilleries and plantations.

GO FISHING - of course, this is my top option as the fishing in Grenada can be absolutely world-class. To BOOK a Fishing Trip in Grenada and for more info CLICK HERE


The island of Grenada has so many beautiful beaches to visit. Whether you want to be in the mix on the infamous Grand Anse Beach which has been labeled one of the Top 10 beaches in the world, or go to a secluded beach to be alone and just hear the sounds of nature and the ocean, Grenada has it all to offer.

8 Best Beaches in Grenada

Caribbean Islands are known for their pristine beaches, and Grenada has some of the best! Check out these beaches for a great day in the sun, surf and sand.

1. Grand Anse - if you're looking for a wide open beach with white sand, gentle waves, and plenty of dining options, then the famous Grand Anse Beach is the beach for you! Check out Umbrellas or Coconut Beach for a cold tropical beach drink.

2. Morne Rouge - Beautiful sunsets, rustic bars, and a quieter scene all await you here. Enjoy the serenity of the bay with some of the best sunset views in all Grenada. Hit up La Plywood for some delicious fish tacos.

3. Magazine Beach - Looking to lime like a local? Then head on over to Magazine Beach! Drive right on to the sand, set up your BBQ and chairs, and have a blast. There aren't any facilities to speak of, so bring all your supplies!

4. La Sagesse - Looking to get away from the bustle of St George? Head on up the coast to La Sagesse. Idyllic setting, calm waters, and a nice little waterfront restaurant set the scene at one of the most acclaimed beaches in Grenada.

5. Galby Bay - Enjoy a day with not a soul in sight! It's an adventure to get too, but once you're there the stunning views and crashing waves will make the trip worth it all!

6. Levera - One of Grenada's national parks and one of the last remaining nesting sights of the leatherback turtle!

7. Bathway - another great liming beach, this one up on the north end. Look for the great local BBQs on Sunday afternoons.

8. Black Sand Beaches - go check out one of the many volcanic black sand beaches in Grenada, they aren’t to be missed.

JUMP OFF OF A WATERFALL...or at least visit them. Annandale Waterfall is the closest to St Georges (20 minutes) and a short walk when you get there (with some steps). It is a high jump into a small pool so it's only for the brave, but the guides will jump and pose while you take photos, they'll just ask for some money in the donation box. Others include Seven Sister, Concord, Adelphi, Tufton, and Mt. Carmel.

DUNE BUGGY TOURS. Grenada offers quite a few options for dune buggy tours, some that even add in a trip to the sulfur springs to get it all in with one activity. The island offers so much to explore that a dune buggy is a fun way to navigate the trails and see some breathtaking scenery along the way. Just a note, drivers typically have to be of 25 years of age or older to operate a dune buggy.

GO HASHING. Grenada Hash House Harriers (one of the largest hash groups in the world) label themselves as an enthusiastic group of drinkers with a running problem. They meet every Saturday afternoon for a fun walk or run at different locations in Grenada and newbies are welcome!


If you're a foodie, Grenada will cetainly not disappoint. Here are some recommended spots.

Restaurant and Bar

Located on beautiful Grand Anse Beach, 61 West offers the perfect setting for an evening cocktail while watching the sunset. 61 West offers a more modern-day experience and wonderful ambiance.

Restaurant and Bar

Coconut Beach is directly next to 61 West and serves up some local cuisine mixed with some creole. Located right on Grand Anse Beach, you're sure to enjoy yourself with food on your plate, a drink in hand, and your feet in the sand.

Fine Dining

Laluna Restaurant is located in Morne Rouge opening up to the beach. Laluna offers Italian Cuisine with a Caribbean twist as well as a wine cellar with plenty of wines to choose from. Also has a great sunset view.

Located at Port Louis Marina, Victory offers open-air dining in a relaxed atmosphere with a well-rounded menu sure to suit anyone's taste buds, especially their thin-crust pizza! Live music on the weekends makes this a hot spot. Take a walk around the megayacht marina after dinner and check out the yachts.

Restaurant and Bar

Located directly on Grand Anse Beach, this beach bar and restaurant is one of the more popular spots. With great drinks and great food, it's a must-go bar and restaurant that offers open-air dining and live music. More of a night-drinking spot with bar food.

Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub

West Indies Beer Company aka The Brewery is a great place to get a beer other than Carib or Stag. Also serving food and a fun party scene, it is a popular spot on the weekends!

Fine Dining

The 5-star resort SilverSands offers two dining experiences. One is Asiatique offering an Asian food experience with a Grenadian twist. The other restaurant is the Grenadian Grill offering more local cuisine, seafood, and delicious meats.

Located in Petite Calivigny Bay at the Le Phare Bleu Marina & Boutique Hotel, Island Fever Restaurant and Bar offers breakfast lunch, and dinner 7 days a week set upon a beautiful setting. Open Air dining with a great menu and excellent drinks. A personal favorite of mine.

Casual and Fine Dining

located in Point Salines near the airport, the Aquarium is right on the beach where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze while sipping cocktails under the stars at the beach bar or while enjoying fine dining in the rock-side restaurant. This is another personal favorite of mine due to the great food and excellent setting.

Casual, Local

Looking for something more local? Go to BB's. Great local cuisine and a great setting as the restaurant is set right on the beautiful Carenage.

Open Air Casual Dining

Located on the beautiful Carenage next to BB's, this is another option if you are in the area.

Casual Dining

Located at True Blue Bay Resort, this is a great casual option that has live music some nights as well.

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