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Saltwater Euphoria Podcast Ep 14

Ep. 14 - "Pole Spearing Record Wahoo and Spearfishing" w/ Stephanie Schuldt and Cole Harrison

In Episode 14, our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, interviews guests, Stephanie Schuldt (@freediversteph) and Cole Harrison (@capt__cole). Stephanie just recently shot the new world record wahoo on a pole spear in the Bahamas and has spent a lot of time freediving and spearfishing. We talk with her about her record, diving with sharks, and traveling on her Catamaran Sailing vessel "Sail La Vie" (@saillavie). Cole Harrison, now traveling with Steph, and yes, they are a couple, has a great background in fishing, freediving, and spearfishing some amazing locations and we dive into his life from running charter in Key West to spending a lot of time in the South Pacific and more. Lots of fun stuff in this one along with talking about living on a boat with two dogs, their upcoming travel, and so much more.

Saltwater Euphoria Podcast Sponsors: +Saltwater Euphoria - +Euphoria Sportfishing - +Strike Point Tackle - Use discount code RICKY10 at Checkout on Strike Point Tackle's Website for 10% off anything on their website. You can follow the following on Instagram: CaptainRickyWheeler: @CaptainRickyWheeler Saltwater Euphoria: @SaltwaterEuphoria Euphoria Sportfishing: @EuphoriaSportfishing Stephanie Schuldt: @freediversteph Cole Harrison: @capt__cole Sail La Vie: @saillavie If you like this podcast please be sure to click that FOLLOW button and also spread the word by sharing this episode with your friends or whatever social channels you are on. We appreciate your support. To fish with our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, aboard his beautiful 60' Custom Sportfishing Boat, go to For online fishing courses, go to our website

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