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Saltwater Euphoria Podcast Ep 20

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

"Moving Up Through the Sportfishing Ranks" w/ Ellis Jacoby

In Episode 20, our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler talks to Ellis Jacoby who is the Captain of the 46' Winter Walkaaround Sportfishing Boat, Karma, and the fishing program that comes with it. They are based out of Southern Florida and The Bahamas and while we talk a lot about the fishing in those regions as well as the Karma program, what we really talk to Ellis about is how he worked his way up starting at a young age and got into the world of Sportfishing as a Captain by immersing himself in everything he could water, fishing and boat related. This Episode is meant to help those who are looking to get themselves into the amazing world of sportfishing and hopefully will plant some ideas on how to get yourself where you want to be in the industry. To fish with our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, aboard his beautiful 60' Custom Sportfishing Boat, go to For online fishing courses, go to our website

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