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Saltwater Euphoria Podcast Ep 29

"Boat Insurance and Top Tier Fishing" w/ Dan Pettit

In Episode 29, our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, talks with Dan Pettit. Dan work with Christi Marine Insurance as an insurance broker, but along with that came up in the sportfishing industry before switching over to an "office job". While it may be an office job, it has opened up some amazing opportunities for Dan to fish as part of the crew with some of the best in the world in competitive sportfishing. Ricky also talks to Dan in depth about New Jersey Swordfishing as Dan is among some of the first to get into it in the NJ region and continues to do so today. He talks about how is was when they first started up here with it to what it is today and what they learned along the way. To speak with Dan Pettit further about a marine insurance policy, reach him at: phone - 609-335-3552 email - If you would like our host, Ricky Wheeler, to help you sell your boat/yacht or help you with searching for and buying a boat/yacht, please email: To fish with our host, Captain Ricky Wheeler, aboard his beautiful 60' Custom Sportfishing Boat, go to For online fishing courses, go to our website CLICK HERE to see the Saltwater Euphoria Job Board If you are a Sportfishing Mate, Sportfishing Captain, or an aspiring mate or captain looking for an opportunity, please email us at and we will get you on our SE Job Board. Send your up-to-date resume, a picture or two of yourself, and a short cover letter stating who you are and the type of work/sportfishing program you are looking to work with.

Saltwater Euphoria Podcast Sponsors: +Tackle Direct - click the link to go to the page with Ricky Wheeler's Tuna Essentials - +Saltwater Euphoria - +Euphoria Sportfishing - You can follow the following on Instagram: CaptainRickyWheeler: @CaptainRickyWheeler Saltwater Euphoria: @SaltwaterEuphoria Euphoria Sportfishing: @EuphoriaSportfishing Dan Pettit: @dannypettit If you like this podcast please be sure to click that FOLLOW button and also spread the word by sharing this episode with your friends or whatever social channels you are on. We appreciate your support.

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